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If you answer 'No' or 'Not Sure' to any of our questions in the Personal or Business Health Check, complete the required details at the bottom of the questionaire to benefit from our Free Initial Financial Review. We will contact you to arrange a telephone or face-to-face appointment with one of our independent advisors, explaining the whole process and answering any questions you may have. 

Any recommendations will be put into writing once we have understood your needs and objectives and any fees or costs to proceed will be made clear.

There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with any recommendations we make.

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Personal Financial Health Check
1 | Do you have the best possible mortgage rate and a dedicated adviser to manage any future mortgage or re-mortgage needs?
2 | Do you have sufficient Life, Income & serious Illness Protection to cover your mortgage, other debts and ongoing living costs for your family should the worst happen to your partner?
3 | Do you have an Emergency Fund in place to cover at least 3 months bills and outgoings?
4 | Do you have a Will in place to keep your assets within your family and also protect your home against the Long Term Care Act?
5 | Do you know how much money you will need when you plan to stop working and have you got investments in place that will provide this?
6 | Have all your existing pension plans been reviewed in the last 2 years?
7 | Are you utilising your Government ISA allowances to make the most of any additional income you may have?
8 | Do you have tax efficient savings and investments in place to achieve key goals such as school/university fees, cars, weddings, house deposits, care fees or retirement plans?
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Business Financial Health Check
1 | If you employ staff, will your Auto-Enrolement Work Place Pension Scheme be set up before the 2017 deadlines resulting in possible fines?
2 | Do you have sufficient Key Person Insurance in place to protect your business in the event of death or serious illness of a key member of staff?*
3 | Do you have a Business Emergency Fund in place to cover at least 3 months committed bills, exoenses and outgoings?*
4 | Do you have sufficient Realevant Life Insurance in place for the families of Directors and Snior Staff in the event of death which can be paid through the business?*
5 | Do you have Death in Service Insurance to protect the families of your employees which could increase loyalty and staff retention?*
6 | Are you maximising Pension Contributins for Directors and Senior Managers in a tax efficient way through the business?*
7 | Have you reviewed your Corporate Finance and General Insurance Premiums in the last 2 years?*
8 | Have you been made aware of opportunities to purchase a commercial office property within a company pension scheme such as a SIPP or SSAS?*
9 | Do you have Shareholder Protection in place to protect Shareholders and their families in the event of death?*
10 | Do you have sufficient insurance for any loans your business has?*
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