Wealth Management

Ashmax Associates | Independent Financial Advisors

We can help with your wealth management objectives, whether that is protecting family wealth, growing assets, leaving a legacy, passing wealth onto future generations or looking at your retirement from a wealth planning perspective. We take a holistic view of your assets placing an emphasis on an objectives-based approach to management of your wealth. 

We focus on establishing your individual objectives and aspirations and once in place, put the relevant mechanics behind to achieve those objectives. This is done through tax planning and using the right vehicles tax efficiently to build up an over-all portfolio. Taking a holistic view of your assets we adopt an objective based approach based on your personal requirements. 

Once your objectives are set, we put the mechanics behind to achieve those objectives with our focus on wealth preservation which can include the use and maximisation of tax-wrappers such as ISAs, Stock & Share ISAs, Bonds and Pensions funds.

In a wealth management arena we often find that tax wrappers can be used up rather quickly. Therefore, as part of our approach we place a specific emphasis on ensuring that you have access to emergency funds in cash in the form of easily accessible liquid capital to cover 3 to 6 months of outgoings. This is achieved through building up other funds of capital, utilising middle timescale investments such as stocks and shares ISAs and regular ISAs, then longer term planning around the use of pensions in a way that is more tax efficient in addition to inheritance tax planning.

Your Wealth Management Conversation

Your wealth management conversation is based around regular reviews, understanding how your objectives change over time and your attitudes to risk in certain areas. Therefore, we use different attitude to risk profiles for different parts of your overall plan.


As preserving wealth is very much a cautious approach we use a different strategy to preserve long-term wealth, using tax wrappers in a different way than we would in a financial advisory capacity. 


We can help you achieve your wealth management ambitions with a bespoke, independent financial service that is objectives-based and tailored to suit your personal aspirations.


As independent advisors, we have access to the whole of market providing you with greater choice. We will work to deliver the opportunities that enable you to achieve your goals.