Good Habits Financial Planning Presentations

Financial Planning Presentations at your place of work

The "Good Habits" initiative was created through a need to share knowledge and information about the five key areas of basic Financial Planning. We have found that people of all ages and professions could benefit from financial advice but perhaps don't know where to go, whom to trust or struggle to find the time.

Our research has also identified that many people are unaware of the basic plans required to help get onto the property ladder, protect their families or save for the future by utilising their annual tax-relief and tax-free growth allowances which are simply lost each year.

We are delighted to be working with a number of forward-thinking organisations to help educate business owners, employees and the self-employed, empowering them to start planning for their own financial futures.

This has included workshops with various organisations across the UK from the world of business, professional and semi-professional sport, music and entertainment.

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What We Can Offer You

Interactive workshops for small groups, explaining the key areas of financial planning. This includes:

Emergency Funds

  • Getting onto the property ladder and mortgages

  • Protecting your income and family

  • Maximising tax-relief, tax-free growth and compound interest for future wealth (savings/investments/pensions/retirement)

  • Tax and future generation trust planning

Additional telephone or face-to-face appointments to discuss individual needs and requirements can then be arranged including:

  • Written recommendations

  • Ongoing in-house financial advice services

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